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Wooden Spoon Carving

with Jessica Steele


February 21st, 2023

$35 More Info

We will spend most of the class making wooden spoons using knives and spoon knives. These spoons will be the size of a serving spoon with a handle of 6”-8”.  Students will use carving knives and spoon knives to carve the spoons. We will finish the spoons off with oil.

A great way to spend time with a loved one, a friend, or join us for the night to meet new people!

Course fee covers material, instruction, and a spoon or two to take home!

Waiting list available
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Fiddlehead Basket

with Jessica Steele


January 31st, 2023

$50 More Info

Fiddlehead Basket

Whether hiking in the forest or wandering in your garden, this will be a nice basket for fiddleheads, mushrooms, or herbs.  Size is approximately 4” Width x 8" Height x 10" Length. 

The cost covers the cost materials: premium reed, strap, and instruction.

Anyone 12-17 must be accompanied with an adult.

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Gourd Basket with Pine Needle Rim

with Jessica Steele


February 7th, 2023

$45 More Info

Make a gourd bowl basket. Gourds will be pre-cut. Student will need to clean gourds, sand, and drill holes. Then we will sew white pine needles to the rim. We will finish the gourds with a stain. Gourds are around 4-5” in diameter.

Course covers material and tools to make basket.

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Bees, Honey, and Wax – OH MY!

with Jessica Steele


March 4th, 2023

$40 More Info

Bees, Honey, & Wax - OH MY!

Learn a little of the basics of the honeybee and beekeeping. In the class we will learn how to make some tasty food with honey including baklava, fried ice cream, and even honey drops. Samples of some of my favorite honey snacks will be available along with some raw honey from my bees. We will also learn how to make dip candles and wax cloth food wraps.

All students will walk away with a candle and a wax cloth and some really awesome skills and knowledge. 

Anyone 12-17 years of age must be accompanied with an adult.